Solid Waste Transition

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Beginning May 1, 2018, Republic Services will be the new solid waste provider for the City of Murphy.

On Tuesday, April 24th, and each service day through April 30th, residents will need to place all carts curbside on their normal service day, regardless of whether they are full or empty, and leave them there for collection.  On your service day during the transition week, Waste Connections will be removing their carts, and on that same day, Republic Services will be delivering new carts.

Residential customers will receive the same number of trash carts as they currently have serviced along with one recycling cart.  Additional trash and recycling carts can be obtained, if requested, at an additional monthly cost of $8.00 per month for trash cart and  $6.00 per month for recycle cart.  To request, please contact customer service @ 972-468-4100 or send an email.

Cart Deployment Map - April 2018

Service days will remain the same, although collection times could be slightly different.

Republic Services will begin their route at 7am.  Residential customers could see a slight change in collection times, as Republic Services will have an additional truck providing service on all routes.    Please place your carts out as early as 7pm the night before service is scheduled to ensure collection.

Residential customers will see a change in cart color.

Trash carts will be gray.  
Recycle carts will be green.

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